VIDEO: He Pours Hot Glue Into A Mold. When It Cools, The Result Is NOT What I Expected. COOOL!

Many kids, particularly those that had an interest in astronomy, loved those glow in the dark stars stickers and would put them on the ceilings of their rooms so that they could pretend that they were looking up at the night sky as they were sleeping. It does create a very cool visual effect, and you can either randomly scatter them around or actually create constellations.

Robert actually created a new craft that plays on this idea, but makes it even more impressive by making it three dimensional. What he does is create a star mobile, so that the stars can even subtly be moving as you watch them. This is actually quite easy to make, and he was inspired to come up with this idea when he saw that they now had glow in the dark glue sticks for hot glue guns.

A relatively new invention is silicone molds that you can fill with the compound of your choice to create interesting and cool shapes. Robert found one that had the shape of a star, and he used that for his project. He created several stars out of the glow in the dark glue using these molds.

This craft is relatively very easy to make. All you need is glow in the dark glue sticks, a hot glue gun, silicone molds that contains stars or any other shape of your choice, some wire, and white string.

Alternatively, you can use silicone molds of different shapes if you so choose.

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