VIDEO: He Pours Cement Into A Bowl. What He Does When It Hardens Is So Cool!

A fire pit can add to the decor of your backyard. If you want one, you have two choices. Go to a store and buy one, or do what Jeff Patterson did and build your own. So what do you need for a DIY gel fire pit? How about cement and Tupperware for starters.

Patterson starts off his video by putting a smaller Tupperware bowl into a larger one. After laying out newspaper, and getting yourself protection, like a respirator and gloves – which Patterson says is always important when working with concrete – mix up the cement and pour it into the larger blow.

Patterson then removes the smaller bowl and uses a sponge to shape and mold the cement before its starts to set. Five hours later, the cement form slips from the bowl, thanks to a generous amount of Pam sprayed on the Tupperware beforehand. Patterson sticks a gel can in the bowl and surrounds it with lava granules. After lighting the gel can with a match, a flame sprouts from the center and Patterson now has what he calls a great “accent piece” for the patio.

The best part of this DIY fire pit is all the materials can be purchased from local home stores, so if you wish to follow Patterson’s advice, you don’t have to worry about spending lots of money on a previously built, ornate fire pit and to have people come to your home to install it.

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