VIDEO: He Pours A Gross Looking Mixture Into A Crockpot. But Once The Timer Goes Off? YUMMY!

Making pulled pork in a crock pot is one of the best ways to create a dish that will be a universal smash hit with every guest at your next backyard bash or football party. If crock pot pulled pork is a frequent dish in your house, then you might be looking for a way to spruce up this old classic and turn it into a truly magical dish.

Well, the ingredient that’s been missing in your crock pot pulled pork is something that’s available at just about every grocery store and has perhaps been sitting in your fridge this whole time.

That ingredient? Plain old Dr. Pepper.

If you want to make the sweetest and yet most savory crock pot pork that you have ever tasted, then follow these simple directions.

Magical Dr. Pepper Crock Pot Pork


1 Pork Butt or Shoulder
1 Sliced Onion
1 Can of Dr. Pepper
3/4 Cup Homemade or Store-Bought BBQ Sauce
Dash of salt, pepper and garlic salt

To make this delicious dish, turn on your crock pot and toss in the sliced onions. Rub the pork butt or shoulder with the salt, pepper and garlic powder, before tossing into the crock pot. Pour the can of soda over the crock pot and then allow the dish to slow cook for seven hours on low heat.

After the meat has cooked, shred the dish and add in your barbeque sauce. If you so choose, allow the dish to simmer for another hour so that the meat can absorb the taste of the BBQ sauce. Serve on buns or rolls with a side of coleslaw.

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