VIDEO: He Opened The Door To See His Wife In Her Wedding Dress. The Reason Isn’t What You Think

It’s not always easy to keep a marriage full of fun and romance. Sometimes the spark just seems to be gone, and it’s hard to get it back. It isn’t possible to drop everything and take a romantic vacation. Sometimes it isn’t even possible to find time to be together. Working and keeping a household take a lot of attention and effort. The time for just being as they used to be doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

For one young couple, the spark had definitely disappeared. In fact, they hadn’t even celebrated their last anniversary because they both had to work. Isn’t there something to do to get back the romance?

The young wife thought so. Maybe there was something she could do that would bring back the desired reaction from the husband whom she calls her “best friend, partner in crime, and soulmate.”

Then came the idea! Imagine the look on her husband’s face when he walks in from work, dressed as usual in his old t-shirt and jeans, to have his wife walk into the room to great him with a big smile and carrying a bouquet of roses! And that isn’t all; she is wearing her wedding dress! That’s one way to get back to the time when their incredible journey of marriage began.

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