VIDEO: He Notices Something Odd In The Water. So He Reaches In And Yanks. What It Was? Wow!

Jason Frost was out on the river in his fishing boat passing the time away when he spotted something in the water. It appeared to be moving toward him, and as it got closer, it was clear that it was a tiny kitten.

Frost was bewildered, then angry as he could not imagine why anyone would just simply toss away a kitten like it was trash. As he moved into place to rescue the defenseless feline, he saw something else moving in the water and realized it was a second kitten.

As Frost lifted the wet, scared baby orange cats from the water, he wondered if some divine guidance had directed him to be at the river that day to prevent the certain drowning.

Although he looked around carefully in all directions, there was no sign of anyone else in the area. After returning to shore, Frost gave the kittens to a pair of little girls who each wanted to adopt a new cat. The amazing river rescue story had the best possible ending.

It is not known how the kittens ended up in the water or exactly who was responsible, but the situation is being treated as animal cruelty.

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