VIDEO: He Meets His Baby Sister For The First Time. How He Reacts? OMG! My Heart Melts!

Bringing a new baby home can be a wonderful experience for a family. What can perhaps be the best part in some cases is introducing the new baby to his or her older siblings. If the siblings are very young themselves, they will be full of wonder at seeing the new baby and how much smaller he or she is than the older child.

In this video, a young boy is meeting his baby sister for the first time. He is sitting on the bed, and the baby is placed in his arms, while his mother supports the baby a little bit just to make sure she is safe. The little boy is obviously marveling at how small this baby is, as he looks at her tiny little feet in tiny facial features. It is absolutely precious watching how he interacts with her, as he is taking in what it is like to be a big brother and holding this new baby.

While their first moment together as brother and sister is wonderful to watch, it is surely just the first of many. We can definitely see these two in several years, with him being a protective older brother for this new little girl.

While this is a sweet moment, there will probably be many more for these two kids, and their parents will definitely enjoy watching their relationship develop as they grow older and grow up together. This family must be so happy to have these two beautiful kids.

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