VIDEO: He Loves Toy Cars, But Is Too Sick To Get Any More. What Strangers Did, Made Me Cry

A hospital can be a very scary place, especially for a young child who does not know what is going on. Ethan Carnesecca, who is 3 years old, has been hospitalized for weeks with a severe case of pneumonia. His parents and his four siblings have done everything they could to keep him happy, but all the tests and treatments have really been too much for him.

However, the family came to the realization that there was one thing that could lift Ethan’s spirits. He loved toy cars, particularly Hot Wheels.

A friend of the family posted his story, along with how much he loves Hot Wheels, on his blog, and the story spread all around the world. Ethan has now received more than 200 Hot Wheels from different countries all over the globe.

Ethan and his entire family are extremely grateful for all of the support they have gotten, most of it from people they don’t even know. His mother told the press, “It’s just been so fun to see how great people are, just trying to help out and do what they can.”

The doctors understand just how important the cars are to Ethan, and they do not touch them or do anything with them. They let the little boy enjoy his bed, which now looks like a parking lot, because they know that he needs to keep his spirits up in order to get well soon.

It is great that everyone is supporting this brave little boy.

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