VIDEO: He Looks Like A Normal Musician, But When The Pans Around..AMAZING!

Alejandro Rose-Garcia is a 26 year-old musician who is also known by his stage, Shakey Graves. He is an extremely talented and is often called the “one-man band.” He recently performed a rendition of “Roll the Bones” using a makeshift drum kit and acoustic guitar. The instruments he used and his amazing voice made his show unforgettable.

Rose-Garcia has actually been in the entertainment industry for a long time. He saw Bob Log III perform while he was in Los Angeles in 2009. Bob Log III is also a one-man band. Rose-Garcia stated that the performance was what prompted him to start his own one-man band. This goes to show how inspiration can sometimes come out of nowhere.

Rose-Garcia’s career has really taken off during the last couple of years. He frequently performs at night clubs. has reported that Rose-Garcia has such a large following that he is able to attract more fans than people who headline at night clubs. He has also received rave reviews from critics who call him “frighteningly good.”

There is a video that has been posted online of Rose-Garcia’s performance. The video has wowed online viewers. It has received over 101,000 views on YouTube and 326,000 views on Facebook.

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