VIDEO: He Looks Like A Normal Horse, But Once He Leaves The Barn, Jaw Dropping!

Jerry Gilbert, who owns and runs Smokey Hallow Farm in Poynette, Wisconsin, is currently the proud owner of Big Jake, who is presently the tallest horse in the world, holding the Guinness World Record. Big Jake is 14 years old, 6 feet and 11 inches tall and weighs 2,600 pounds.

Big Jake was purchased in Nebraska by Mr. Gilbert’s cousin and was born at the weight of 240 pounds. Because of his size, Mr. Gilbert keeps him on a strict diet of about a bale and a half of hay every day, 32 quarts of oats, a large sum of vitamins, and as much water as he can drink. According to Mr. Gilbert, he is not allowed to each sugar, but his heart is still as sweet as can be.

Big Jake may be large in size, but he is friendly, rambunctious, and enjoys messing with his owners and fellow farm animals. He will play with people’s hair to be silly and gather as much attention from those around him that he can.

Mr. Gilbert informs that Big Jake may draw attention, but usually people’s first reaction is to stare in shock, trying to comprehend the animal’s height, which is no surprise. Of course, once the shock passes, the lovable giant always wins the affections of anyone he meets.

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