VIDEO: He Lives In A Tiny Caves Under NYC Streets. When You See It? OMG!

For some there is no denying that times are hard in this economy. There are many where it is unbearable. Homelessness has hit an all time high throughout this country. People have created innovative ways to find and keep a place to live. They use ideas such as renting space from converted sheds or living in a camper parked in a friend’s backyard. As tough as this sounds, it can be worse. Some people have resorted to living in the most unthinkable places.

An example, of making lemonade out of lemons was found in the largest city of the United States, New York. Under the streets of the city you will find a man who has been living in a tiny cave next to a train track. He has all of his worldly possessions stacked and crammed into a space smaller than a closet. The possessions include a miniature refrigerator, microwave and heating element. There is also electricity for lights and cooking from the subway system.

A friend told him about the underground caves. At first he stated it was dirty but was better than living on the streets. After painting and moving his things in, he is happy with his new home. He stated he was warm and that it has been a blessing.

He also shared there are many people who live this same way. Some have been living in this condition for years. If you have a home with windows and doors and not under a bridge or in a below ground cave, consider yourself fortunate. Because this story revealed the state of homelessness that no one could imagine.

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