VIDEO: He Just Got Out Of Jail And Has No Family. So What He Does Right Away Has Me In Tears

There are some prisoners who are released and have no friends and family there to support them. Now, there is a way for them to have the kind of companionship that they need after getting out of jail in order for them to stay motivated.

This is a video featuring men who have made mistakes that violate the law, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need the support of family and friends.

The men come from various backgrounds, but they all want one thing. They want someone to love them regardless of the mistakes they have made. When the men were released from jail, they didn’t know how to handle themselves as being part of the free world again.

When one man went to the home he grew up at, he saw that it was empty. The family he knew had died while he was behind bars, and he didn’t know. One way that Pedigree decided to help the men was to let them adopt a dog from a shelter.

This might not be the human companionship they desire right now, but they have a loving friend who will be there for them no matter what. The men seem very happy to be able to share their lives with another.

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