VIDEO: He Is Placed Between Two Twins. His Reaction? I Wet Myself From Laughing. LOL!!

A short 31-second video on YouTube that was posted on December 10, 2014 has caught the attention of millions of people due to the amusing reaction of one of the three small children in it.

As the video begins, a young toddler named Landon is situated between two infants, one of whom is crying loudly while the other sits silently. The toddler first turns to his right and looks at the crying infant, then turns to his left and briefly looks at the other infant. He then repeats the head movements.

At this point, the toddler hears the people behind the camera who are watching the situation develop and laughing hysterically. That’s because of the continuing look of wonderment on his face that prevents him from comprehending exactly what’s taking place in his midst.

The toddler seems especially fascinated with the crying infant, spending the bulk of his time staring before then looking at the adults for some indication of what he’s seeing.

In less than three months on the site, the video has been clicked on more than 20 million times, which certainly serves as a testament to the ever-popular notion of adorable children being able to grab the attention of the general public.

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