VIDEO: He Is Deaf So His Wife Has To Get Creative For His Present. Now Prepare To Cry Like A Baby

TRIGGER WARNING: Tears of happiness ahead!

The holiday season is wrapping up. People have been sharing their engagement photos and videos of their big moment since around Turkey Day. Pregnancy announcements, however, usually come in the form of a prank followed by the big reveal and social media content spammed with pictures of pee sticks and smiling faces.

The strange winter weather that blanketed the U.S. in late 2015 left many people in need of joy, warmth, and happy spirit. Reddit user steveoho9 must have decided that he’d had enough of the crazy weather. He posted a baby announcement video that could melt an ice cap and produce enough tears of joy to end the California drought.

The video was made by steveoho9’s cousin, Brittany, who wanted to surprise her deaf husband with news of their impending parenthood. She delivered the news in the form of a gift. Her husband takes the gift bag, as Brittany begins filming. The curious man overlooked the small gift tag attached to the bag.

Brittany’s husband begins to unload the gift bag. He pulls out a handful of paper and gives her a playful look. Then more paper. The third time he reached into the bag, he realized that the third handful of paper had some weight to it. He unwraps the paper and reveals a Baby Ruth candy bar. Dumbfounded, he moves on to bring the second item out of the bag, a bottle of Dad’s brand root beer. A light goes off and the most intrigued look passed over his face.

The dad-to-be went for the third wrapped item in the bag. This gift revealed a pregnancy test that read positive. A deep excitement and a bit of shock settled into his face. The fourth item he lifted from the bag was a second pregnancy test, also positive.

“You’re pregnant?” he signs to his beloved Brittany as he speaks. “I’m going to be a dad?”

Be sure to turn on the closed captioning and watch the video below to see his final reaction to Brittany’s pregnancy announcement! It is guaranteed there will not be a dry eye in the house as this man reveals his excitement over the pregnancy announcement from his wife!

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