VIDEO: He Helps This Elderly Fix His Wheelchair. When The Music Started, I Jumped

One lesson that many people have had to learn at one point or another is that things are not always what they appear. In particular, people are not always who they appear to be. In this video, what seems to be a frail old man in a wheelchair actually turns out to be something else entirely.

A young man is pushing another man, who appears to be his grandfather, around town in a wheelchair in multiple scenarios. In all of these scenarios, he asks strangers if they can watch his grandfather while he goes off to do something. They oblige, and he leaves. Then, when the grandfather indicates that he wants to get up, they help him and end up getting a huge surprise.

When they expect him to merely stand up, and probably with significant difficulty, he actually ends up not only standing up but starting a series of impressive gymnastic maneuvers. He actually starts an impressive dance routine, in some cases with other people who were meant to join him in the act.

Basically, these performers are all about shocking people on the street and providing them with entertainment that they were not expecting. The old man in the wheelchair is actually not an old man at all, but a young dancer with quite a bit of talent who is just wearing an old man mask.

It would definitely be quite entertaining to run into these individuals on the street, and it would make anyone’s day more exciting.

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