VIDEO: He Heard A Strange Noise In His Head, Then A Doctor Yanked This From His Ear. GROSS!

You probably don’t think of insects on the inside of your body.

These pests are going to drive anyone up the wall when flying around the house or landing on food when you are trying to cook. However, it is possible for insects to make a home out of just about anything, including your body. With the video “Monsters Crawling in Me,” this is complete proof that you always need to be careful.

Flies can lay eggs just about anywhere. The large does not need much to develop, outside of staying away from predators and being in a warm area. That is why there really is nothing better than an open wound on your own body. That happened exactly to the individual in the video. When the person was asleep (or when they were not aware of what was going on) a fly landed and laid its larva inside of the wound.

The wound healed up and the person did not think much about it. However, then the person started to develop symptoms of a virus or something attacking the inside of the body that the body could not kill off. When the individual went to visit the doctor, the doctor opened up the wound and removed the larva eggs that were growing on the inside of his body.

The pearly white eggs looked fresh and as if they had been growing for a bit of time. At least though they caught the problem before the larva hatched. That would have been a problem.

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