VIDEO: He Hacks Away The Skin Of A Watermelon. By The End? I Can’t Believe What I’m Seeing

The work of food artists Valeriano Fatica was on display in a video that shows how he was able to turn a simple watermelon into a work of art that’s to be admired.

Fatica shows in a rapid-motion video the entire process. The first part comes when the full watermelon is shown, which is followed by the same watermelon with the outer skin removed from it.

From there, Fatica begins crafting his piece of art, first using a knife to selectively cut out certain areas. Then, with a portion of the inside showing, he carefully slices specific areas so that one area can be seen to be a developing sculpture that shows an eye.

Going back and forth between more selective carving and artistry, the fast-speed nature of the video shows that within a minute, Fatica has crafted the watermelon in the shape of a menacing dragon.

From there, Fatica puts the finishing touches on it and shows the intricate detail that went into creating this unique sculpture. For example, forming sharp teeth of the dragon, required that he takes bit parts of the rind and shape them in the form of a sharpened tooth.

Approximately two minutes into the video, the scene shifts to one day later, where Fatica gives an additional look at what he’s been able to create.

The video was first posted on August 6, 2014 and has been viewed more than 287,000 times, being one of a series of similar videos produced by Fatica.

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