VIDEO: He Grabs His 5 Kids And Hits Record On The Camera. When He Shows His Wife What He Did? LOL

Men are always looking for a way to show their wives how much they love them. There are many classic ways to do this. For example, many men simply resort to sending their wives flowers. This is a tried and true method. Unless your wife is deathly allergic to flowers, it is always a safe bet. Many husbands also resort to the beauty of jewelry. This gift can cost a little bit of money, but if she ends of loving the jewelry, a man can reap great rewards. There are so many ways men can show affection for their wives. However, the Internet is making it easier and easier to do something new. One man decided to utilize this new reality by creating a viral video for his wife. It’s true! It’s also true that the results have been both hilarious and touching.

The father is handsome and young. He also has a total of five children. All of the children look like they are under the age of ten. Clearly, the husband has had an enjoyable relationship with his wife! The father begins by singing along to a popular song about being sexy. However, he changed the lyrics to please the wife. Instead of claiming he is sexy, he says that he is a daddy. He brags about being being a dad and having dad chores to accomplish and dad problems to solve. In the beginning of the video, you just see the dad. You might mistakenly suspect he is the father of only one or two children. After all of the five kids appear on the camera, you know that this man truly is a daddy!

The dad performs many cute antics with his kids. Many of these antics involve all of the messes young children can make in a big house. For example, there are tons of toys scattered all around the floor. He sings about being a dad that is always accidentally stepping on toys lying around the house. If you didn’t know, he shows you how painful stepping on all of those toys can be. He also opens the bathroom door to discover a massive mess on the floor out of towels and toilet paper. Anybody who has had young children can relate to this type of disorder. Such messes can be incredibly frustrating. However, the dad doesn’t seem to be angry or depressed about it. He simply keeps singing and dancing to his song. He knows that he is a daddy, and he knows that such messes come with the territory of being a daddy. He is a daddy, and he is not afraid to embrace everything that entails.

The video is a joy to watch, and it is fantastic to see a dad so thrilled to be a dad. It also might be worth noting the dad and his kids live in a nice looking home. The dad also looks rather young and fit. He seems to be in a healthy place mentally, psychically, and financially. This sends an incredible message. People often have a false impression about parenthood. People sometimes believe you need to wait until you are an older adult to have kids. This dad shows such thinking isn’t true. He shows you can have a whole brood of kids while still in your twenties, and you can still be successful.

What do you think about this dad’s video for his wife? Does it make you eager to be a parent? Let us know in the comments below. Afterwards, hold your significant other close. He or she just might make you a parent someday too!

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