VIDEO: He Gave Homeless Man A Pizza, What Happened Next Had Me In Complete Shock

Some people want to see how helpful strangers will be to someone who is in need. One man decided to try an experiment to test the kindness of strangers. The results of the test might be a bit shocking as you would think that more people would come to the aid of someone who is in need.

This was more of a social experiment, and the outcome was posted on social media outlets for everyone to see. Perhaps if people see how greedy they are or how others can be, then they might be willing to change their own ways in helping others. The people involved in the test wanted to see if people who had food would share with someone on the street who they didn’t know.

After a few people were asked, the experiment looked to be exactly how the group expected. However, one person proved those involved wrong.

The man conducting the test would ask people on the street if they would be willing to give him a slice of pizza while they were sitting outside a restaurant. Every person said no. Some were even hateful. Soon, the two men involved gave almost a whole pizza to a homeless man. One of the men involved in the test sat down beside him about half an hour later and asked for a slice. The man who had nothing to begin with shared what little he had.

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