VIDEO: He Found His Horse And It’s Baby Frozen To Death. What Happened Next? A Miracle! OMG!

In early 2013, a made named Macy was found in terrible condition, abandoned along with her foal in the freezing cold. She was starving, exhausted, and freezing. Her foal was doing a little better, because she was feeding off of her mother. However, Macy looked like she had given up the will to live. In fact, once they were tended to, a vet who looked at Macy determined that she probably needed to be put to sleep.

The World Horse Welfare team happened to get there just in the nick of time, and they brought the mare and the foal to the Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre of the United Kingdom. Even though the vet initially got that Macy had no chance, they were able to save her. She was strong, and despite her condition, she showed just the will to live that she needed.

She is in amazing condition now, and a person would never be able to tell that she was on the brink of death, with open sores, thin skin, and almost no energy at all. Her transformation is absolutely amazing, and it can be credited to both her amazing will and the people who saved her life.

In order to survive well, horses need adequate food and clean water, as well as blankets in order to survive winters. Unfortunately, the individual responsible for neglecting these horses into this state could not be found, but at least Macy was rescued and is now doing much better.

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