VIDEO: He Finds This Egg On His Porch, Then He Notices It Starts Hatching. What’s Inside? AWW!

This couple had a mallard duck that regularly late eggs on their front patio. They had grown quite accustomed to it, as she had done this four times. However, this time, they were in for a surprise.

This duck actually left the porch after only seven out of nine eggs had hatched There were two eggs with unhatched ducklings inside, as their mother and siblings had gone to the nearby lake in order to avoid the harsh heat. The couple thought that maybe the two unhatched eggs were duds, but they were surprised to hear chirping sounds from one of them. They ended up watching this duckling hatch, and it was a pretty amazing experience.

The miracle of life is always amazing to watch, no matter what species is coming into the world. This duckling survived against all odds, making it a true fighter. Even though it it is separated from his family, it has the couple who watched it come into the world, who also saved its life by removing it from the heat.

Although this situation is not the best for the young duckling, it is good that it at least survived and had to this couple to take care of it. Many people would not agree with their decision to intervene, because this might make the mother less likely to accept the duckling. However, they did basically save the birds life by taking it out of the heat. Hopefully this duckling is eventually reunited with its mother.

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