VIDEO: He Finds A Dog Whose Been Chained Up For 14 Years. What He Does Next? UNTHINKABLE!

For a decade, Thayne Hamilton and his wife Christine devoted whatever extra money they had to the care of rescue dogs, many of which were elderly. Their home in Orcas Island, Washington, served as a refuge for dogs that had been horribly abused all their lives. They lavished care upon these pooches, giving them the happy lives they had been denied for so long.

Sadly, Christine was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and she decided that rather than funnel all of their meager resources into fighting a disease that would ultimately kill her, she would die a natural death. This way, Thayne would be able to continue their rescue work even after she was gone.

After her death, he created a memorial incorporating the Rainbow Bridge over which pets are said to pass after they die. Christine is buried there, along with the dogs that have died in their care.

Thayne has done just that, and in 2012, he was persuaded to share his story in a contest sponsored by the Seattle TV show “Talk It Up TV.” The judges were so moved by his entry that they knew right away they had found the most deserving recipient of the $1000 prize. He was deeply grateful to receive the prize money, which will be used to help him continue to shelter his beloved dogs.

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