VIDEO: He Fills Up His Gross Toilet With Coke, When He Flushes? MAGICAL!

Soda is not thought of as a healthy choice when it comes to things that people can drink. It is full of sugar, and it is thought that the carbonation is not all that good for you either. However, there are many other uses for soda that even the health nuts will love.

One is that it actually makes a pretty good cleanser. If you have a stain on your car, or gum that is stuck to any surface where you do not want it, all you have to do is pour a good amount of soda on top of the stain or gum, and let it sit for a little while before cleaning.

Even if you have a disgustingly dirty toilet, you can use soda to clean this up. Simply pour the soda all around the bowl, and let it sit for about an hour. When you come back, you can just flush the toilet and lose the mess.

One that may seem particularly surprising to you is using soda to keep plants fresh within a vase. If you like to cut flowers from outside and keep them in the house, you probably know that water does not keep them fresh for very long. All you need to do is replace the water with a mixture that is half water and half soda, and the flowers will last much longer. Try to use a clear soda like 7-Up, as the clearer the soda, the more effective this will be.

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