VIDEO: He Fills Balloons With Flour And Water. What It Transforms Into Is So Cool! I Love This!

Everyone loves balloons. Balloons can be filled with many different things. Air is the most common. Helium is also popular to make balloons float high in the air. Also, water is a popular thing to place inside balloons. Nothing beats a water balloon fight on a hot summer’s day! However, you may not be aware of something else you can put inside of a balloon. Do you know what it is? It’s flour. Yes, it’s true! You can put flour inside of a balloon. An internet video being viewed by thousands is showing everyone how to do it.

The balloons are called ninja balls. You will need latex balloons, flour, and a juice bottle. First, you will need to transfer the flour into a squeezable juice bottle. A homemade funnel from a water bottle will help you do this. Next, you will inflate a balloon with air.

The video then shows you how to place this inflated balloon on top of the juice bottle with flour to transfer the flour into the balloon. You will then need to do some squeezing and maneuvering to make sure all of the flour is deeply settled inside of the balloon. You will then be able to make some cuts on the flour filled balloon and another balloon to complete the ninja ball.

You can make sure the ninja ball stays durable by using additional balloons and super glue. These ninja balls are great for juggling and casual games of catch with children. Give it a try!

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