VIDEO: He Fills Balloons With Baking Flour. What He Creates? I Never Expected THIS!

Parents spend a lot of time in stores like Toys-R-Us trying to find the right toy that, the perfect gift for their child. But you don’t always have to drop big bucks on kid-playthings, you can make something right at home that will your child would love just as much! You may even have the material you need right in your own home. Here’s one example of an easy DIY toy:

Grant Thompson is known as the King of Random. In one video he explains how people can make their own “ninja-balls” perfect for smashing, hurling, juggling, and squishing. All you need is flour, a juice container and a bag of latex party balloons.

The first thing that you will want to do is fill the juice container with flour, then transfer the flour into a balloon. In order to increase the durability of the balloon, you will need to wrap other balloons around it. You can create a “ninja-like” masks by cutting circles into a deflated balloon and wrapping it around the flour filed balloon

You can get even more creative by mixing and matching the colors that you use. The possibilities are endless. These simple crafts can provide entertainment for your children and even yourself for hours on end!

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