VIDEO: He Dumps Candy Into A Balloon. When I Saw Why I Knew I Had To Copy This ASAP!

There are many fun crafts that people can do for the holidays. Easter is one that is famous for all of the decorations, because of the theme of eggs and the Easter bunny. There are many ways that you can craft eggs, and the following is a very easy one. You do not need to be an artist to make really great and attractive craft eggs that are full of candy for everyone to enjoy as well.

All you will need for this fun and easy project are balloons, string, craft glue, and candy. Fill the empty balloon with candy, and then blow it up until it is the size that you want it to be. Then, run the string through the craft glue, so that it is coated, and wrap it around the balloon in any pattern that you choose. Do this until the balloon is mostly covered up.

The glue will probably take about a day to dry. After that, you can pop the balloon, and you will have a very cool egg that is made out of string. Additionally, it will be full of candy for the kids to enjoy. Everyone in your home will love these craft eggs, and you will enjoy making them as well.

This project is so easy, and it is fun too. Everyone will see these eggs, and they will wonder how you made them. You can choose whether or not you want to divulge your new secret craft idea for Easter.

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