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Making a glow-in-the-dark wooden table was the subject of a video by the Instructables do-it-yourself (DIY) group that has been around for almost a full decade. This particular DIY project serves as a way to fix cracks that surface during the course of the table’s length of use.

The so-called “glow table” begins with three pieces of wood with cracks of them that are sawed to match each other in length. The pieces are then glued together on their side.

All cracks are cleaned out and then smoothed over, which then followed by the mixing of the specific concoction. There is no explanation of exactly what the ingredients are, other than the resin. However, the end product is poured into each of the cracks, with some form of paper then placed on the wood. After a short period to let the product dry, the paper is then pulled off and the glow-in-the dark phenomenon is shown.

At this point, the wood is then smoothed over and any remaining residue is brushed away, which then leads to final action regarding the wood: varnishing it in order to give it a fresh new look that is enhanced even further with the new glow within the cracks.

Finally, the legs of this new table are added on by drilling holes to fit screws in order to accommodate the legs. That now makes the item available for use in someone’s back yard.

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