VIDEO: He Dips Cookie Cutter Into Oil, The Result Is Something Your Kids Will LOVE

Christmas is well on its way, but when your to do list is a mile long this joyous holiday season can easily turn into a stress-filled nightmare. The good news is that there are plenty of tips you can follow to make your holiday as relaxing as possible. Watch this quick video to learn all about the king of random’s ten holiday life hacks.

He begins his video with advice on giving a last minute gift. Look around your home for something that may make a good gift, like an unused candle. Then, grab an empty chip bag, and turn it inside out. Place the gift inside the bag. Twist the top of the bag, and tie it with a ribbon. If you don’t have any ribbon, you can tie it with the top of the chip bag.

His next hack offers a way to save your leftover wrapping paper from unrolling and getting damaged before next year. Collect some empty toilet paper rolls and some aluminum foil. Cut one side of the toilet paper roll open, wrap the tube with the foil, and slide it around the roll of wrapping paper. Your wrapping paper won’t get wrinkled or torn, and you will be able to use it next year.

Out of all ten of the king of random’s life hacks, the most interesting one is his festive breakfast holiday hack. To follow this one, you need to pour your pancake batter into an empty condiment jar. Then, dip a cookie cutter in oil. Place the cookie cutter on your electric skillet, and use the condiment jar to squeeze the batter into the cookie cutter. Once the batter is firm, you can remove the cookie cutter and finish making the pancake as usual. Cook as many pancakes as you like, then drizzle them with syrup, and enjoy your Christmas breakfast.

If any of those hacks sound like something you want to try, you will not want to miss this video. He also explains how to fold Christmas letters into envelopes, so you can mail your letters by themselves. He has a special trick to make finding the end of the roll of tape a breeze, and another one for making your house smell like fresh pine even if you have an artificial tree. Plus, he has a hack to keep your Christmas lights organized so you don’t have to waste half an hour untangling them every year.

If you are tired of your Christmas cookies looking like a four year old frosted them, he has some advice to help with that too. While you are handling Christmas like an adult, the king of random has a quick tip to help you amaze your friends with your professional hot cocoa-making skills. Lastly, he has a great idea to help you make some free and festive thank you notes to show your gift-givers some appreciation. If you enjoyed these holiday life hacks, let us know in the comments. If you know any other great hacks, feel free to share those as well.

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