VIDEO: He Digs A Massive Hole In The Sand. When The Water Comes? Everyone Is In Disbelief!

When a group of surfers show up at Waimea River in Hawaii, the aren’t resigned to spend a day in the sun. After all, they are surfers at heart. The problem is they aren’t at the ocean where the waves are big and plentiful. They are at a river not known for producing any waves, let alone big ones.

As the video shows, these devoted surfers will not be deterred. It all starts with a half or dozen guys digging in the sand. It isn’t long before others join in the fray as a deep channel in the sand begins to take form. Over time, the channel becomes a ditch, which quickly turns into a large hole.

When a path is formed from the river to the whole, nature begins to show its amazing force. These amazing surfers had created within a few hours what it took nature thousands of years to create, a formidable surf.

As the water begins flowing into the cultivated hole, huge waves are formed and that’s all the invitation these surfers needed. Before long, surfers with body boards and surf boards are taking turns riding waves that would rival anything seen in many ocean destinations.

The party was on. As the crowd grows, the viewer sees surfers and water enthusiasts of all shapes, sizes, genders, ages and races. The most important thing was the surf was built in unity and everyone was welcome to enjoy the amazing result. Maybe the youth of America have something to offer after all.

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