VIDEO: He Cut The End Of An Onion Then Put It In The Microwave For 30 Seconds. What For? Cool!

A microwave isn’t a new piece of modern technology, but it’s certainly one kitchen appliance that we rely on more often than we’re aware of. But, even though we use it as much as we do – we bet that there are still some things that you didn’t know it could do!

“Life Hacks” have been a popular type of video that people post throw together and then post online that help other people out with simple everyday things that they may or may not have known that they could do with things that we see and do almost constantly. One video maker has recently made one for avid microwave users and it has been helping people ever since it was posted on YouTube.

The video shows ten easy, quick and helpful microwave hacks that aim to help the average person same time and money in their daily routines.

• How to remove an already placed stamp
• Quickly cooking non-microwaveable bacon
• Quickly cooking corn on the cob
• Sterilizing a cutting bored
• Refreshing donuts
• Using lemons & water to clean your microwave
• How to cut onions without crying
• Homemade potato chips
• DIY heating pad with some rice and sock
• Cleaning a dirty sponge

The YouTube video shows you things that you didn’t know your microwave could do! Presented with easy to watch humor and useful tips that’ll help solve and ease your pain for this typical and common problems we see around the house.

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