VIDEO: He Couldn’t Figure Out How his Son Was Escaping. So he Sets Up A Hidden Camera…

Sometimes when a baby in put down for a nap parents will find them crawling around elsewhere in the house a short time later.The little bastards can be escape artists, cunning beyond their years… No matter how you rearrange or reconfigure their bed/crib, they still manage to break free.

One dad was determined to keep his baby locked in bed, so he set up a hidden camera to see this escape artist in real time. At nap time, Francisco Aguilar put his son in bed, turned on the video camera and would wait. Intent on busting the crafty baby.

After only a few moments, the boy used pillows to create a soft landing on the floor, then slowly lowered himself down, gently and quietly to the floor of his room.

But because of his father’s camera, he was busted in action, and probably will be taking his naps in his barred crib from now on. Babies are cleverer than we might imagine. Turn your back on them for even a second, and they’ll find trouble or even danger.

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