VIDEO: He Could Barely Hold Back His Tears When He Tells The Story Of Saving His Dad’s Life

It’s difficult to know what to do in the case of an emergency, but this little 5-year-old boy managed to save his father’s life when an accident happened. Xander McPheeters had grown up around tractors and luckily knew how they worked when his dad was out and was struck by a tree. James McPheeters was driving the family tractor when a tree hit him in the head causing his head and nose to bleed, but Xander came to save the day.

Xander was with his father before the accident happened, but decided to run inside to grab a coat. All of a sudden, he saw the tree fall and hit his father, so he ran to his father’s aid. After turning the tractor off, Xander realized that his dad’s injuries were more than he could handle, so he found some nearby neighbors to get some help.

James McPheeters spent a week in the hospital as well as six months in physical therapy to fully recover from the accident, but he is forever grateful that his little boy knew what to do so the incident didn’t have a worse result. To honor Xander, he was presented with the Hobies Heroes Award, which was presented by Hobie Billingsley.

“It’s an honor and just a remarkable thing you did. You’re going to live with that for the rest of your life and everyone’s going to be happy you did it,” Hobie told Xander as he placed the metal around Xander’s neck.

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