VIDEO: He Built An Amazing Snow Maze, But How Is Dog Reacts Left Me Cracking Up For Hours!

Some people like a lot of snow. Others complain when the white stuff falls. This is especially true when it accumulates into a foot or more of snow. One pet owner, and his dog, Ginzey, take a creative approach to a deep snowfall.

Ginzey, who is a puppy that likes to play, enjoys romping in the snow. His owner shoveled a maze through his back yard for the puppy to explore. Like most pets, Ginzey has a mind of his own. He starts out running through the shoveled maze path.

However, he is smarter than the average puppy. He quickly figures out he can take a short cut by pouncing through the snow where the maze is not shoveled. This comes as a surprise to his owner. Of course, Ginzey also enjoys running freely through the snow maze.

He gets his exercise as he runs to and fro. His owner likes to play with him in the maze too. Dogs truly are man’s best friend. The things we do for our pets is heart warming. Ginzey is a pretty lucky puppy. His owner will face the cold snowy weather in order to give Ginzey a place to run and exercise.

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