VIDEO: He Brings Home The New Baby…And This Baby Is Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen. OMG!

A filmmaker decided to adopt a kitten to keep his dog Romy company. The Kitten’s name is Ricky and Ricky becomes the start of a short film narrated by a &-year-old girl named Willa. The story follows Ricky from the animal shelter to his new home and on a journey to becoming best friends with the dog of the house. Willa’s narration of the film adds an adorably sweet texture to the film and gives Ricky a very childlike nature.

Watching Ricky and Romy form a bond will warm anyone’s heart. Not only are the images of the two pets become best friends is the sweetest thing ever. The video “Ricky” is the winner of Fresh Step’s Catdance film contest and there is no guessing why.

Willa’s voice is precious and her narration of Ricky’s adventure from the animal shelter to the arms of her new best friend is the perfect mix of sweetness. Romy is a big dog and at first seems not to happy with the arrival of Ricky to the house. Romy doesn’t want Ricky sharing his food or trying to play with him however one night after Ricky takes a bath something changes between the two and the next thing you know they are cuddling on the couch like old friends.

This short film is a must watch for cat lovers and dog lovers alike and worth a share with all of your animal loving friends.

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