VIDEO: He Bought A Toy For His Pet Baby Weasel. How He Reacts To It? LOL!

A family bought a tiny weasel a new toy. The reaction that the weasel had to the toy is rather funny. This is an animal that is small in size and is often underrated. They are similar to a ferret, and can be kept as a pet. Due to the tiny size, the weasel is easy to care for and doesn’t take up a lot of room in the home.

When the owners of the weasel gave it the new toy he started doing a war dance. The animals often do this when they are excited or happy about something. Ozzy the weasel conducts himself in a friendly manner over his toy that looks like a tail.

It almost looks like his mother in that it’s larger in size and has the same kind of hair that a weasel might have. When the toy is placed beside him, he smells it, and he begins prancing around.

That prance soon turns to all out running where he scurries all over the bed, jumping on the corners and acting like he doesn’t know what’s on the bed. He will try to touch the toy, but he soon begins to run all over the bed again. Each time he gets close to the toy, he pushes it a little farther on the bed.