VIDEO: He Attaches A $2 Noodle To This Hanger. Now This Is Something I Need To Try. COOL!

A Noodle is something that you would likely see in a swimming pool. It can be used to help people swim, and it’s a toy that is fun to play with. One man attached a Noodle to a hanger, and the result was nothing short of amazing. There are a few other things that you can do with the foam pieces that only cost a few dollars.

Place a Noodle on a wall, and make spaces to hold various items around the house or in a garage. If you need water in a bucket, place one end of a Noodle at the water faucet and let the other end go into the bucket. Turn on the water, and it will flow into the bucket to fill it up in no time.

Cut a Noodle in half, and place the half on the edge of a door so that doors don’t close while animals or children are in a room. Cover the metal ends of bed rails with a Noodle that is cut in small pieces so you don’t stub your toe.

Position a Noodle over a hanger so that shirts have a soft place to lay while being in the closet. This will also help to keep the shape of the shirt while it’s not being worn.

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