VIDEO: He Added Pepper To A Lemon, The Reason Why Is Something I Wish I Knew Years Ago

In the video, there are a few tips and tricks that are discussed. The tips and tricks talked about are designed to help you get rid of the flu, but you should still get your shots. The video shows a man who talks about different ways you get get better, and some of these ways include using household items to clear germs and illnesses from your system. These household items are considered common, which means you might already have the items around your home.

Some of the tips and tricks you will learn from the video include using tea and honey for a sore throat, but you also add a lemon to the drink. It even gives you advice on what to do for a cough, such as cutting a lemon in half, adding salt to it and some seasoning.

As for a stuffy nose, the video recommends drinking a lot of fluids, as this will thin out mucus and will help prevent your sinuses from being blocked.

There are even more tips and tricks, and advice for other various conditions, and not just for the ones mentioned above. Try out some of these ways if you want to feel better this winter and fight the flu.

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