VIDEO: Grandmas Smoke Weed for the First Time, I Can’t Stop Laughing What They Caught On Film

A new viral video shows how three grandma’s react to their first experience of smoking marijuana using a bong and a vaporizer. The three ladies explain at the start of the video that they were suburban housewives busy bringing up children throughout their lives and had no access to marijuana to even consider trying smoking for in previous years.

The video was filmed in Washington State, where recreational marijuana use in now legal and means the three ladies did not break any laws with their first experience of smoking weed. Playing games and discussing their experience throughout the video, the three ladies initially struggle light and inhale from the bong, with the vaporizer seemingly the easier option for them to enjoy their experience simply and easily.

The women play games as they experience their first marijuana high and discuss the experience, with all three initially nervous before seeming to enjoy their experience with jokes made throughout short smoking session. By the end of the video one of the grandma’s explains that a tightness she has felt in the muscles of her shoulders has diminished and is no longer felt. Another grandma explains that she simply feels a little drunk and relaxed, while the final woman explains she does not feel as high as the other two ladies look.

All three state they enjoyed the experience and do not see any negatives attached to it.

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