VIDEO: Granddaughter REFUSES To Visit Her Grandmother For A Reason That Made Me Cry

93-year-old Mary Lou simply wants to see her granddaughter before she loses her eyesight for good. Unfortunately, due to a family disagreement about religion, this may not be possible. Mary Lou and her husband, Bill, dedicated their life to the Jehovah’s Witnesses fifty years ago.

After the two found out about a scandal in the church, they left, which caused their granddaughter, Jessica, to break ties with her grandparents. Since that time,the family has been a broken, dysfunctional system. When Jessica got married several years back, she said that Bill and Mary Lou would not be able to socialize with any of the guests, including family, or participate in the ceremony since they were no longer Jehovah’s Witnesses; as a result, the grandparents decided not to attend. Over the years, Bill and Mary Lou have tried to reunite their family.

At one time, Grandpa Bill attempted to organize a family portrait, but Jessica insisted she would not stay around after sitting for the picture. He didn’t see her again before he passed away in 2004.

Now, Grandma Mary Lou is reaching out through a heartfelt video message to try to connect the family before it is too late. Her video has received over 2,000 shares on Facebook and shows an emotional plea from a grandmother to see her beloved granddaughter again.

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