VIDEO: George Bush Appointed Federal Judge Was Just Arrested And The Reason Will Make You Sick

Federally appointed Judge Mark Fuller of Alabama was recently taken into custody for badly beating his wife on August 9, 2014. Police were dispatched to his hotel room at the Ritz Carlton after a frantic 911 call was received from his wife, Kelli Fuller while Judge Fuller could be heard in the background repeatedly beating on her.

The audio tape of that 911 call is traumatic to listen to and, when the police arrived on the scene, they found Mrs. Fuller with blood and bruises all over her face and body while her husband did not have a mark on him. Judge Fuller was cuffed and arrested but was then allowed to avoid prosecution and prison along with having no record of the arrest recorded so that he could continue as a federal judge.

This is totally outrageous and unacceptable. As a nation that recently expressed its outrage to the NFL over the Ray Rice domestic violence issue, we again need to express our outrage to the state of Alabama to call for Judge Fuller to resign immediately.

If Judge Fuller refuses, the only recourse would be for the Alabama House of Representatives to vote to impeach him. The questions is, will the Republican majority step up and do the right thing

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