VIDEO: Fox News Airs Unfathomable Segment On Pope Francis For Making GOP Look Like Idiots

It is without question that the political Left has excoriated the Roman Catholic Church over the lengthy sex abuse scandal. This has been evident in political websites, articles, and even motion pictures & TV dramas. Now, that has changed with Pope Francis of Argentina.

The pontiff believes in safe guarding the environment as a logical extension of the admonition God gave to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to subdue the earth. His Holiness takes the word of the scientific community seriously about global warming and is widely expected to urge the church’s 1.2 billion adherents to do take active measures to protect the planet. His counsel is expected to be published later this year ahead of the next big global warming summit.

The pope is also a believer in forgiveness and prodded the Obama and Castro regimes to seek a diplomatic solution to the multi-generational economic embargo placed on the tiny island nation during the Kennedy administration. Not everyone is thrilled with the pope’s new message. Fox News, the only cable news network that saw its ratings share increase last year, ran a story taking issue with the Holy Father on gay marriage, global warming, and Cuba. In addition, the GOP, fresh from their historic domination of Democrats in the midterm election, disagrees with the pope’s views on social issues.

In an odd twist, liberals are rushing to the defense of the pope. This is something that was unheard of only two years ago under Pope Benedict XVI. The former pontiff’s core conservative views were dismissed by many progressives.

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