VIDEO: For The First Time in Human History This Animal’s Birth Was Captured Live. AWW!

We have all heard there is nothing like the love of a mother for her child. This video is a tender example of this sentiment. It is seen through the birth of the first orangutan baby being born and caught live on camera for the world to see. The gift of this video given to us by twenty first century technology is amazing.

We see the mother orangutan quietly make preparations of the baby’s crib which consist of a basket that has been provided by the caregivers of the sanctuary she lives in. The mother has finished with preparations and the moment has arrived as it is time for the delivery. We can’t do anything but watch in astonishment as we remind ourselves to breath. We follow with another question of is this really happening.

Then we realize that yes this is happening and how the mother orangutan has invited us in to share this momentous occasion with the birth of her new baby girl. She continues to share how tender and gentle mother love is for their newborn as we watch her instinct to clean up the baby.

After several minutes of efficient and succinct actions we hear the baby’s first cries. We celebrate with the new mom and baby as they get acquainted with the first glances at each other. Finally, as the mother walks over to the camera to share a close up with the world her beautiful gift, we are sure that we have witnessed the cherished and remarkable start of life.

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