VIDEO For Anyone Who Has Never been Depressed. This Short Animation Sums It Up Perfectly…

Some people think that being depressed is just an advanced stage of sadness. There are some differences in the two emotions, and an animation has captured those in a way that is easy to understand.

There is about 10 percent of the population that deals with depression at some point. Some people have experiences that are worse than others. When someone is going through clinical depression, the symptoms will usually last longer than two weeks. If you are simply feeling sad over a situation, then it typically won’t last this long, and there are techniques that you can use to overcome the emotions.

Some of the symptoms of depression include not wanting to take part in activities, a loss of appetite and even contemplating suicide if the feelings are strong enough. There is somewhat of a science behind depression. This is why medications can sometimes help those who are depressed and not those who are only sad for a few days before getting on with life.

There are groups that one can join as well as therapist to talk to who can walk people through the low points that are felt. The video that has been produced also gives information to family and friends on how to deal with those who are depressed.