VIDEO: Fisherman’s Dog Is Barking For Help, What His Owner Finds When he Catches Up To Her…

When a fisherman named Rich saw that his dog Leia was standing next to the ocean shore and barking, he probably didn’t expect to find a baby dolphin next to his dog. But that’s exactly what he found, and it resulted in him saving the life of the little dolphin.

When he first saw the baby laying in the shallow water, Rich wondered whether he was seeing a small shark. But then he took a closer look, noticed the blow hole, and realized that he was looking at a dolphin. With a bit of encouragement and prodding he managed to get the beached little dolphin back into deeper water.

The kind fisherman and his dog then stuck around Criccieth Beach, which is located in the UK, for another hour or so until he was certain that the dolphin wouldn’t end up back on the shore. Afterwards he notified the coastguard of the event, and they passed the word on to a science team.

The baby dolphin was definitely lucky, as no one else was anywhere nearby. Thanks to Rich and his dog Leia, he got the help he needed and is now back in the ocean where he needs to be.

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