VIDEO: Few People Have Ever Seen This Rare Footage Of A Dolphin Doing THIS!

There are many reasons why people love dolphins. They are beautiful and graceful, as well as extremely intelligent. In fact, they have many qualities that are similar to those of humans. They are the only animals who have sex for pleasure and kill for pleasure, for example. While these are not necessarily epitome of innocence, they do show how clever and complex these creatures really are.

Another way in which dolphins are similar to humans is in the love of a mother dolphin for her young. In the following video, a dolphin mother gives birth to her calf underwater, and they take their first swim together as well.

When a dolphin gives birth, they released the tail first, which is done so that the dolphin babies don’t drown. They are close with their babies from the very beginning, and they take care of them as well. For up to about 18 months, the mother dolphin will care for and nourish her baby completely. After this, the young dolphins can stay with their mothers with a little more autonomy, but their mothers do protect them until they have learned all that they need to know in order to survive on their own in the water.

In the case of the mother and baby in the video, it is obvious that they are strongly bonded together from the very beginning. It is quite touching to see the love between a mother and child, and how it exists even in the animal kingdom.

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