VIDEO: Father Gets Tased By Police While Praying For Son Who Just Died In The ER

A young 23 year old Mileek Grissom who was shot in the chest while trying to break up a fight was taken to the UPMC Mercy hospital. While in the hospital his step-father the Rev. Earl Baldwin Jr. wanted to pray over him and to let Grissom know that he was going to do everything he could to make every thing ok.

What happened instead the Rev. Earl Baldwin ends up with a struggle with the Pittsburgh’s local police and after the little tussle a police officer steps back and fires a taser at Baldwin.

Now the hospital staff claims that Baldwin was in the way of them treating Grissom. This is not so according to Baldwin, he claims his son was already dead on the table and all he wanted to do is say some words over him and let him know he would do everything he could do for everything to be ok.

It was also noted that the mother Tori Baldwin was not allowed in the hospital and she didn’t get to see what happened first hand, she had to see it on video.

Two years later the Baldwin’s are seeking justice with their attorney Joel Sassone, who after viewing the video argues not only could you see that the staff wasn’t working on Grissom you could see that Grissom was dead

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