VIDEO: Everyone Called Her A *Whale* Since She Was Little. What She Did As Revenge, BRAVO!

Lindsey has struggled with her weight ever since she was just five years-old. She remembers being called names like “fatso” and “cow” ever since she was in elementary school. Not only was Lindsey the target of bullies because of her weight problem, but she also had health problems as the result of her weight. She suffered from asthma and diabetes. Her doctors had also told her that she would eventually need to have gastric bypass surgery.

Lindsey weighed 485 pounds by the time she was 25. She went to the doctor to see if she could get the gastric bypass surgery. However, her doctor told her that it was possible for her to lose the weight naturally. Lindsey was determined to lose weight.

She walked, did Zumba and changed her eating habits. She also had the encouragement of her family. She began her weight loss journey in December 2011. Three years later, she had lost over 300 pounds.

Lindsey’s life has changed forever. She is determined to stay active in order to keep her weight down. She is not only a thinner, more active person, she is also a happier a person. She has done things that she never thought that she would be able to do, such as run marathons. She is also an inspiration to other people she meets.

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