VIDEO: Even This Veteran News Anchor Was Brought To Tears While Watching This Report. SO SAD

There are stories that news anchors cover that tug at their heart strings. This particular news anchor was covering a story that brought her to tears while she was doing a live report. After hearing about the story, it will likely make you want to cry as well.

The story that the anchor was covering was about music. This is a story about memories. When someone isn’t there anymore, music can sometimes be a way to heal the soul, reminding the ones left behind that they are still there in some way. This story is about a nursing home that is using music in a special way, and when the anchor started talking about what the nursing home was doing, she couldn’t contain his tears. There are nursing assistants who take their iPods to work so that the residents can hear their favorite songs or hear songs that mean something to them.

The music is sometimes used for therapy. One woman is almost 100 years old. Part of her therapy is recovering skills by listening to music. She used to be a piano teacher, and when she hears songs from when she was younger, it brings her back to her younger days.

For some people, the music they listen to is the only way they can remember anything about their life. It’s a way for senior citizens to be able to communicate, letting the family know they are still there with them and not ready to give up on life.

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