VIDEO: Even Ellen Was Speechless At What Happened When This Kid Came On Her Show. LOL!

We all love children and we love them more when they do the cutest of things like give us a speech on how much they love us or just randomly running up to give you a big hug. So when a five year old boy is on the Ellen show, he ends up stealing the show and leaves Ellen herself in absolute stitches.

A while back, an adorable little redhead boy named Noah Ritter, who apparently has never been on live television at all, has took the internet by a huge storm during a live newscast at a nearby local fair. From the very moment America set their eyes on the sweet boy, no on could help themselves from saying “apparently.”

You wouldn’t believe it, this kid has it all! He’s this sweet, innocent boy full of charm, lots of charisma, and the demeanor of your favorite grandpa. Somehow, no one wanted it to ever end!

We found out that Noah ended up doing a few interviews here and there, but he ended up taking it to The Ellen Show to get more serious, some talk of dinosaurs and his new favorite word. In a simple nutshell, this kid is absolutely adorable! What he ends up saying at the very end of the show will leave you in funny bits!

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