VIDEO: Elvis Bent Down To Interact With This Fan, But What She Did Next Even Shocked Elvis

Elvis was a star because of his music. There is no doubt about that. He sold millions of his records. Many of his songs are still well know today. Beyond his songs, however, what made him a hit was how he interacted with his fans.

Before he performed he would spend time in the audience. He would give out hugs, and he also would give out kisses. At one of his performances he asked an older woman, “Do you want to get serious or just lay it on you?”

Before he could finish asking her, she responded, “Oh, yes.” She grabbed his neck and brought his face into hers for a prolonged kiss. She was the envy of every woman at the concert. At this same concert, Elvis was approached by a woman who was crying.

She reached up and held him tight. She told him she loved him. Her friends had to help separate her from Elvis, and they guided her back to her seat. Elvis also had a soft spot for children. If he saw a child near the stage he would give them a soft peck on the cheek.

This act of tenderness did not go unnoticed by his fans. The audience could be heard saying, “Aw, that is so cute.” Elvis definitely had a way with his fans. It wasn’t just his music that made him a hit. His willingness to reach out personally to his fans is what made him “The King.”

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