VIDEO: Ellen Walks To Her Car, And Opens The Door. What Happened Next Had Her Screaming!

Ellen DeGeneres is known for pulling pranks on people. This is why it is so entertaining to see her reaction when someone pulls a prank on her. Ellen had had a long day and was heading to her car, when she saw from the outside that there was something in the car that did not belong there.

She did not know what to do, so she just open the door as she would usually do. Thousands of ping pong balls spilled all over the place. She opened another door, and the same thing happened again. It turned out that Matt Lauer had played a hilarious prank on her and filled her car completely with ping pong balls.

He was watching when she opened the car door, of course, and the two both laughed over it. She was wondering how this could happen, and how he had gotten past security to do this to her car. It is impressive that he was able to get that many ping pong balls, although it is curious how filling the car without them spilling out was possible.

Ellen reacted just pranking a good natured manner, but she made it very clear to Matt Lauer that she intended to retaliate when she told him, “It’s on.” It will be very entertaining to see what Ellen does to Matt in order to get back at him for the ping pong balls in her car, and we look forward to seeing exactly what she will be doing.

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